Our website does not use “cookies” for improving the service its provides. 

What are cookies?

Cookies are small packages of data. They are stored at the web browser of your device when visiting websites. The cookie itself does not contain and does not collect information, unless is read by server through web browser. The cookie could provide information in terms to improve the user experience through logging in, registering all together with other data, including visitor’s preferences or  collection of statistical data. The Cookie does not harm your device and does not collect any personal data.

Turning off cookies

Please keep in mind that most web browsers have the cookies installation functionality turned on by default. If you want you can turn off some of the cookies installed by changing your preferences at the browser settings. This way you can determine whether to allow the cookies to access your device and to what extent. Please, keep in mind that if you do not do any changes, this would mean that you accept the current default settings of your browser and you agree with the activation of cookies. If you want you can clear your browsing cookies from your browser settings.

List of the Cookies we use

Our website uses cookies for personal use – analysis and monitor of traffic and does not provide data to third parties.

At the library ga.js

name              Expiration time                            What is used for

__utma          2 years from set/update          Used to distinguish users and sessions.

__utmt           10 minutes                                     Used to throttle request rate.

__utmb          30 mins from                                 Used to determine new sessions/visits.

__utmz           6 months from set/update      Stores the traffic source or campaign that explains how the user reached your site.

__utmv           2 years from set/update           Used to store visitor-level custom variable data.


In the analytics.js library

Name              Expiration time                            What is used for

_ga                   2 years                                             Used to distinguish users.

_gat                 10 minutes                                      Used to throttle request rate.