We created our family company after combining our efforts and more than twenty-five years of experience in the design and manufacture of jewelry.

Our ideas and inspirations are drawn from the old Bulgarian traditions and the nature. Our two main collections – Lazarka and Flora represent our interests and fascination towards the old traditional Bulgarian motives and the beauty of the nature and its extraordinary forms.

The experience we have helps us to deal with the most difficult challenges while creating new art forms and models. We work only with natural gemstones, pearls, amber and coral. The beauty of natural forms give a unique texture and feeling for each jewel.

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each model starts from a skratch and a good idea

Сапфир-ГД ръчна изработка

unique models are hand crafted and require a lot of time and attention

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yet true beauty comes from nature’s juwels – genuine gems

Each model we create is unique and made with love and care.
At our atelier you can have a jewel made on your own design and ideas both from silver and gold.